Wifes sexy relative

She was my wife’s relative. We were then residing on the outskirts of the city and used to visit her whenever we went for shopping in the town. As there was my mother and small child alone in my house we never spent too much of time outside.

Hence brief visits to her house once in a week or about made us to keep in touch with her family of two. Her husband was a marketing executive of a sales organization and used to be frequently on tour. At that time she used to be alone in her house during daytime.
At night her sister’s son learning in high school used to come and stay with her whenever her husband was not there. One of those days there was an exhibition of handicrafts in town and my wife was interested in such matters and we visited it and had a show-piece made of wood pulp
and grass to buy from. When we were about to leave, my wife’s cousin too was there to have a look at the things and her sister’s son too was with her. Together we went to her house and spent some time sipping tea as usual.
But while we were about to set out there was drizzling and we were compelled to leave the piece-de-art at hers promising to take later; as the packing was inadequate and rain will ruin it. The next week, on a Saturday it was half-day work and I decided to retrieve the art piece
kept at wife’s cousin’s house. So I went at noon to the house on returning from my office. When I rung the calling bell, she came to open the door. She had kept the article intact, I had to get a carry bag so that I could carry it on my scooter safely.
So together we searched for one and in the meanwhile she told me that there was a fine bag but it was up on the rack. So I decided to climb up on the stool and take it. I could find out the bag but there was some old rugs along with it such that while pulling it out
the whole thing came up on my face and I stepped wrongly which resulted in the whole thing falling on her shoulder as she was standing behind. There was some old brass metal vessel inside the rug which fell on her shoulder and made there to swell.
She almost cried out of pain but was able to control herself and asked me to get the pain balm from the wall shelf which I did. As a matter of courtesy, I opened up the balm and rubbed it on her neck sideways. She told it gave relief and hold my hands to walk into the drawing room.
I asked her whether a visit to the doctor would require, but she was reluctant. I asked her whether any more help is required but she said nodded in negative. But from her expression I could read that she want to have more caressing.
So I told don’t worry and took some more balm in my hands. So she just loosened her garment so that I could apply the balm further sidewise which was not easy to do herself. While doing so I just got glimpse of her breast from above within the loosened garment;
it was in shape than my wife’s. Because my wife had one delivery, but she had no children it was quite natural to have firm breasts like these. To my astonishment she pulled down her dress further down exhibiting her whole shoulder as if sensing my thought.
So I rubbed the balm further onto her shoulder. She lay with her eyes closed on the sofa and this gave me inspiration to continue the act. She was moderately complexioned but was sexy in appearance than my wife. She was younger to my wife and ws only about 28 yars old.
I was becoming selfish and asked her to loosen the button of her blouse so that I can just apply the balm with ease. She not only unhooked the first button of her blouse, but also unhooked the bra, putting the other hand to the back which made me erotic.
Now I could well caress her shoulder and while doing so I just squeezed her fleshy hands too. She lay there silent and I was just turning hot. I asked her whether to continue which she nodded positively.
Also she said that her husband never had time to look her matters and my act made her sensuous and she was imagining that her husband was doing it. I was guilty conscious now and was about to stop it but she took hold of my hands and kept it on her chest
and asked to remain some more time. I was moved by her request and sat by her side. She placed her head on my lap and told that she felt sexually starved and asked whether I could help her then. I was aroused to hear this and planted a kiss on her cheek.
She suddenly jolted from the sofa as if there was no pain and got hold of my hands and dragged me to her bedroom. She bolted the door and pushed me to the bed and there she was lying on my chest holding my hands as if a male going to zabardasti a female.
She kissed on my lips and got up and took off the sari and underskirt. There she was half nude with her bra half open. She took off the bra too and the breasts with dark pink nipples jolted up like two round cucumbers.
Her nipple was small and looked like grapes in the baked rusk but it made me more erotic. I felt my dick beginning to bulge inside my underwear. She came down upon me and began to unhook my shirt. As I never used to wear banyan,
she began to caress on my chest running fingers across the hair which she told me she like as her hubbie was not having so much of hair on his chest. She bit my nipples and asked me to go to bathroom and have a bath. I obliged and when I returned she ws lying full nude on the bed.
I asked her to stretch her legs apart so that I can see her heaven. She did and I asked her to put her finger inside. Smiling, she just began to caress her cunt with her forefinger and by the time I was fully erect. I just put off the bath towel and she was eagerly looking at my cock.
She got up and hold of it and began to slide her hands to and fro; retracting the skin. Also she took my balls in her other hands and gave a smooth round up. She came and stood behind me and putting her arms around me got hold of the cock and started to masturbate
it with her hands at the same time pinching my nipples with other hand. I feared I would ejaculate so I asked her to stop it. And turned back and took her and laid her in bed. As I was eager to kiss the cunt so I stretched apart her legs and kissed in between when
she made a hissing noise. I could smell the cunt but still I licked it and made her wet. So I got up but just then she asked me to lie down and she came up on me again and began to kiss on my whole body.
She went down and there she was with my cock in her mouth and her her fingers pinching my nipple. She brought the lips so tight and drewup and again repeated it meanwhile licking the tip of the penis too inside the mouth. I asked her to withdraw since I might ejaculate.
So she got up and just put her legs aside my thighs and came down on my cock just like splitting the husk of coconut. She was pumping up and down on my cock and it continued for a couple of minutes kissing on my lips in the meanwhile and I had ejaculation
and she too got the orgasm. We lay down for some time and together wnet into the bathroom and cleaned up. She got hold of my cock and soapeg it and dried me with the towel. I once again planted a kiss on her cheek.
She told me quitely that she want to be pregnant for which I should help. So I went to her three or four times and enjoyed in similar ocassions. Later her husband was transferred to another city and they shifted there and since then we had no contacts.

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