Sexy Queens in College

I am regular visitor of this site and I really enjoy it kambi stories.This is the first time I am sending my experience. The first crush happened around 5 years ago when I was studying for degree in cochin.

In our Batch the strength was more for girls as they were 52 and we boys only 5.Every GALS really
beautiful,huge and really sexy.There were so many BEUATY QUEENS in our batch.At first we were not having much contacts with them but as day passed that gap

started to diminish and they started to talk with us,join with us for films,restaurants,pubs and everywhere.We boys really enjoyed there body figres when they where near us espacially in pubs and all after two or three beers they will be in a shabby mood loosend top buttons
exposing there bra, rised skirts till thighs and like that but we were not having that courage to ask them to have sex.But one day that chance came. One day where all in the college and immediate stike was called and the class was dispersed for two days.
We three boys and eight girls decided to go for a movie but when we reached the theatre it wass housefull.So we decided to gather in my house with music,movies,films since my parents were out of station for one week and all and a girls in our class smitha(really a naughty girl )
in that group told she having collection of all new films and musics so went to my house and on our way we bought food,wine etc.By noon we had food and after a days enjoyment everyone started going back.Since the time was around seven in evening smitha and Nikitha
asked me whether they can stay back in my home for that night and I agreed they also phoned and told their parents about the same.After every on went they told they need to get refreshed I showed them bathroom smitha went first,
nikitha and me was watching the movie when ever a erotic scene come she just look at me and smile.Actually my andi was in kambi but I managed it. After sometime smitha came to us just asking me to give her some dress when I just returned
and looked at her she was just wrapping a small towel around her big fleshy body just enough to hide her sectrets.She is not havig any shyness just standing cool but nikitha was just opposite she told ayee enthadi eth nanamille enjna vannu nikaan.
I went inside and took my sisters short skirt and a tight top and gave the same to nikitha also.It was small for smitha and she asked me for even bra and shaddi(panties) without any hesitaion. But my sisters wont suite her so she managed to get into that skirt and top.
Brust and bums were just bulging out,nipple really projecting outward and she sat near me. Nikitha also came back after her bath and she was also not wearing any undergarments too. After that movie she took a cd and told its Killukam Film Cd and play it.
When I took and see it was written K on cd.When I played it it was not Killukam but Kinnarathumbikal she was in a shocking mood she never thought of that.Nikitha told ayee enthu vadi eth.
After each scene they were getting tight inside and my kambi was full and tookout my kunna from my pants and both of them were excited to see it. Smitha just took hold of it and looked at nikitha she was not able to bileve her eyes.
I just opened smithas tops zip her mula jumped out like a balloon really fleashy with round broun nipples I just licked it all way round and removed her skirt we were just doing what ever we can infront of nikitha she seeing it all like a baby.
She started rubbing her brust and massgaed her andi and started making sounds ahhhh….hhhhhhhh ammmmmeeee… enta mula I just hold her mula and took off her top and skirt and massged her whole body.Her pink pussy was round a fresh one.
These girls played with my andi in whatever ways they can.Finally I spread nikithas leg and niserted my andi into her ass and enjoyed her she was just enjoying it she cried ayooo ente ammeee ente andi potuunneee.. And did same with smitha all that night and they enjoyed it like anything and next day they went back as usual.

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